Screen printing 



A good beer should be, rich and full of flavor, has a crisp and refreshing taste and also create inspiration. Cré · ar is a type of beer for every moment and for a new experience. Cré∙ar is a project aimed to make beer more fun and approachable. I feel as beer carries a certain weight, while liquor is fun and young.  Cré∙ar or crear in Spanish, is to create, and when someone drinks there is never a same experience. Whether it is a new place or new people, Cré∙ar is meant to be there along the journey of making memories. Each flavor corresponds to a shape on the bottle,  while offering a unique name to what kind of mood they are up to. Screen printed each bottle, to make it feel more unique and special.

 • Fiesta is for party, don't know what will happen.  Pink/Triangle

 • Suave is smooth, for an relaxed occasion. Yellow/Circle

 • Contigo is together, for moments with someone. Blue/Waves

 • Patron is boss,  drink like a boss, be a boss. Green/Square


Each bottle was screen printed with a different layer for each flavor 

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