Jacob Rodriguez


Chicago Typographic's Conference


Branding/ Typography


A conference in Chicago that hosts designers as they present talks and offer workshops throughout the three days. Designed with the inspiration of Chicago architecture, and culture, being a Chicago native. Includes a booklet that gives information for each event and bios for the designers.




Package design / Branding


Cré∙ar is a project aimed to make beer more fun and approachable. I feel as beer carries a certain weight, while liquor is fun and young.  Cré∙ar or crear in Spanish, is to create, and when someone drinks there is never a same experience. Whether it is a new place or new people, Cré∙ar is meant to be there along the journey of making memories. Each flavor corresponds to a shape on the bottle,  while offering a unique name to what kind of mood they are up to. Screen printed each bottle, to make it feel more unique and special.

 • Fiesta is for party, don't know what will happen.  Pink/Triangle

 • Suave is smooth, for an relaxed occasion. Yellow/Circle

 • Contigo is together, for moments with someone. Blue/Waves

 • Patron is boss,  drink like a boss, be a boss. Green/Square




Print design / Photography


This self-initiated project was started to create a series that was a meant to serve as inspiration for myself, but also as a reflection. I wanted to also  give my photo’s a platform that I’ll be able to look back to physically. I express my experiences through color, content, and imagery. It includes entries from my  journal, or stories that may be referenced with location. 

poster that is made for each book  22"x30"

poster that is made for each book  22"x30"


Camo x Huaraches


Photography / Painting


Since I was 15, I painted my first pair of shoes after I dreamt of a color way. That first pair led me to continue customizing sneakers, as a job, and hobby. Since I didn't document my previous works, and  our assignment was to take  studio photos, I decided to design a pair of shoes. I thought it would be fun to paint a new pair, and see what I can do.  This project pays tribute to my love of sneakers, and this passion that will grow. Each pair typically takes 7 to 9 hours of hand painting depending on design, and starts with an all white base.